By Vernalee
Kids say, “He’s way above his head,” in referring to a person who doesn’t know what he is doing. In the corporate world, we use the term “The Peter Principle” when managers rise to the level of their incompetence. Watching a manager unsatisfactorily perform when he is out of his league is no pretty sight. It is a source of frustration for those expecting satisfactorily productivity levels and a source of entertainment for those waiting on him to fail. By golly, why would someone want him to fail? It’s relatively simple. He is a jerk! He agitates folks like a rotating washing machine. His presence nudges you to politely walk to the other side when he is in your view. So now Mr. Peter is playing the big boss man! He forgot that “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Please note that – he can also be a she. There is no gender distinction when it comes to substandard performance. I just want Mr. Peter or Miss Peterrette to not be in my space when I go out to play or work! I would hate to kick him / her to the curb although they have bestowed that honor to many! Morally, I am just better than that! He will trip and fall on his own and I and you will watch as if it is a HBO Special!
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