By Vernalee
Pink slips are traditionally regarded as the official termination notice of an employment arrangement. No one knows how the term – pink slip – was derived because the notice is not on pink paper. Go figure! How ironic is it that the word pink means sweet, nice, and charming; everything contrary to being asked to leave your place of employment because of a job loss or elimination. Working with people produces bonds, associations, and friendships. So when a person loses a job, there is a void that is felt by others as well! Some work affiliations transcend into other aspects of our lives; many of which will continue beyond departures. Although sixty, parental advice still rings in my ears. My Mother once told me, “When one door closes, another one opens.” Conversely, the opposite of fired is hired, with the latter antonym being more favorable. Just ask Lee Iacocca, Steven Spielberg, Vera Wang, Oprah Winfrey and others who were fired or asked to leave before they made their respective marks of greatness! So pink slips may indeed signal greater horizons. Certainly, they don’t end heart felt associations with colleagues left behind. As for the pink slip recipients, forge ahead for you are leaving a world of bureaucracy full of red tape from the company that is now blowing in the wind of your past!
Photo reprint: – Donald Trump