By Vernalee
heather on her
Snow, snow, snow! The “S” word that after all these years, I dread hearing and worst yet, seeing! Welcome to winter wonderland!
Winter is in full bloom. Accompanied by swift blowing winds and cold temperatures, falling snow has arrived! Those tiny white crystal flakes have fallen from the sky and lined our pathways…as expected, once again! It’s a yearly ritual. A glimpse out of your window shows piles of mountainous white stacks of those flakes as far as your eyes can see. Snow is everywhere. Lest not forget the ice sickles! Soon, I will be watching kids play in the snow. They build snowmen, slid down the slippery slopes and roll in the snow’s glistening whiteness; all in the name of fun! Some folks cannot wait for the ski slopes to be covered with those white glory of flakes … and a gliding they will go! Here’s the flip side. When your morning is consumed by listening to NBC’s Weatherman Al Roker tell you how many inches will fall in “your neck of the woods, it’s too much! It takes me over the edge!
I need not be reminded of the white flakes. We have never been on friendly terms! Driving in it can be challenging; sliding, swerving, gliding everywhere. A normal 30 minute commute can easily become a 2 hour journey with the accumulation of that rapidly falling “white stuff.” Snow can bring traffic to a squealing halt. And it did a few nights ago in Cleveland, Ohio! Need I remind those who were stuck in it .. here, there and everywhere!
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