By Vernalee
wedding ring - stevenericson.netThe single married woman – what an oxymoron of words! True, but it is an accurate description of many women that you know. Of course, there is not a definition describing her or outlining her characteristics in Bing, Webster, or any dictionary. I am not referring to the woman who is married but feel as if she is in her marriage alone – all by her lonesome. My reference of the single married woman is the woman who is single, but acts married. Her mannerism, conduct, behaviors, lifestyles, discussions…everything about her signifies married life. It is not infrequent that someone would inconspicuously say, “I thought that she was married. You could’ve fooled me!”

She is a startling contrast to the married woman who acts single! Oh my!
I am positive that you have seen her in your universe. You may interact with a single married woman regularly without a second thought. I know many; one in particular. Me!

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