By Vernalee
There is an old saying that “setbacks may eventually set you up.” After the storm ends, the sunlight and the rainbows appear. No one wants to be knocked down. We don’t sit in our rocking chairs waiting for setbacks to occur; quite the contrary. Being knocked down is a happenstance of life that is often uncontrollable. Rather than concentrating on the knockdown; focus on picking yourself up. Focus on your refusal to stay down. Prepare and get ready for your big comeback. Diligence, persistence, and determination will pay off. My Momma always said, “hard times don’t last always and daylight comes in the morning.” Once your storm passes, you have to regroup, shake off the negative residue and move on. Higher grounds await you! Then, you will see the light of the day and the bright glaring sun shining brightly in your face! What an illumination you are to others! Your storm and test provided a testimony!
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