By Vernalee
When we want to know how someone else feels, putting yourself in their shoes is the best teacher. The Indians have a saying, You never know what another person is going through until “you walk a mile in their moccasins.” Let’s walk and do a role reversal. Now how would you feel if the person that you lied to lied to you? How would you feel if a person had sufficient resources and wouldn’t help you financially? These are positions that you know all too well because you have become a master at the game! When the shoe is on your foot, suddenly the scenery changes. So now you want to change! First order of business. You plan to do better; be more considerate; and not place folks on the back burner. Sweet words, but I am sorry. You really didn’t try; you didn’t give it your all! You continued to feed your ego and play games! Let’s see. Your selfish overindulgences in activities that included only you took priority over relationships. Everyone had to play second fiddler. Everybody noticed, but you! Shame on you! Now, the table has turned. Pull up a seat. Where will your conduct lie on the inverted table? Selfish and selfless have the same prefix, but are significantly different. Ironically, you thought that you were getting over; that you were fooling everybody. However, everybody was saying that you were nice, but odd. No one had the courage or nerves to tell you; not even your family! You wouldn’t have listened anyway. You are too defensive or you would make an excuse to cover what everyone already knows. Your selfish lifestyle is visibly apparent. How did you not know that? Shhh! Listen up! You are the silent topic of discussion. Can you hear them? It is not all about you as you thought. Other people are watching you, talking to you, and talking about you behind your back! Careful! Some of the naysayers may be sitting at your table!
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