By Vernalee
Despite his superstardom, Lionel Richie proudly said that he was now being referred to “as Nicole Richie’s Father!” That distinction establishes the fact that your children have heeded your advice and that you have trained them well. I too am now being referred to as Scooter’s and Phoebe’s Mother. I love it! Growing up, my children felt that their connection to me kept them subjected to the scrutiny from old folks (my peers of course)! As such, they felt that their behavior was always under the spotlight. They could easily become victims of tattletales! Go figure! Now, the tables have turned! I am enjoying every minute of my newfound splendor when the crowd echoes, “Vernalee is their Mother.” Keep on doing it my dear ones as I am reaping the rewards of being a good parent! In fact, because of you, I have a younger audience to read my blog and my books! Children, you certainly have paid me back handsomely! Thanks for the extra change! Therefore, go tell it on the mountains that I am Mommy! Cha ching! God bless you! Happy Sunday!
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