By Vernalee
It may have been selectively hidden, but the truth will eventually surface particularly if someone lifts the covers. It comes to life through words and actions. People speak truth, “shade” the truth, or lie! Either it’s a lie or the truth. There are no alternatives. When some folks start talking, you can’t shut them up! They are like running water indiscriminately telling stuff; some of which they promised not to tell. Oops! Somebody’s secrets are out!
It’s like they took a truth serum. It’s easy to talk about other folks business. Telling your own, well that’s a different subject! Flip Wilson comedicly said, “Loose lips sink ships!” The old folks, (whom as children, we felt knew nothing) would warn, “Child, eventually, your lies will run out if they don’t catch up with you first!” How profound! Keep in mind this: The words didn’t lie; you did! Your words and subsequent actions brought your lies to life! The truth walked in! What do you have to say now?
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