By Vernalee
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From the kinky locks to Madame Walker’s straightening comb, Black women have always experimented with the appearance of their hair. With the use of certain chemicals, we have changed our hair molecular structure with styles like the jheri curls and processed permanents. To change and enhance our looks, we have on occasions added wigs, weaves, extensions, and hair wraps. The fibers of our hair afford us creative versatility and many manageable styles. The stylistic craze today has reintroduced the “natural” of the 1960’s Afro Sheen look with a return to the chemical free look. Whether we bleach, rinse, dye, flamboyantly cut, corn row, spike, twist, dread, braid, wave, box braid, straighten, or maintain our tresses in their natural state, the ultimate goal is to look uniquely beautiful. And that we do!
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