By Vernalee
Their house is a mess!
I hate junk. Clutter is the worse. When too much “mess” is around, I become claustrophobic. “Hoarders” (the television show) reveal disturbing pictures of people who have tons of their collectible junk around them. These folks have a fear of throwing things out. Many are organized in their excessive piles of disorganization! Interestingly, I know a few hoarders. One has an organized mess; the other has a tornado looking environment that is disturbing to view … to say the least! The place is not really filthy, but it is scary. It is hard to distinguish where the walls are because they are covered with something; take your pick of what! You can barely move around; forget about finding a place to sit. No worries for me. I always find legitimate excuses to not visit. “Ain’t nobody’s business but their own” if they desire to waddle in their own stashes of junk!
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