By Vernalee
Pictured: A Barbie Collection of Solange Knowles’ wedding. BeyoncĂ© is on the left.
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Pictured: The Hanna Barbera Big Wheel.
I confess as do many other Mothers who may admit! Over twenty five years ago, I played with my daughter’s Barbie dolls as much as she! That’s right! My daughter and I would shop for outfits for her collection of Barbie’s and dress them elegantly. It was an expensive undertaking. On Saturday mornings, I would help her coordinate the clothing which she kept in one of my old suitcases. We would spread the clothing out on the bed until we matched the right pieces! No wonder she loves fashion; the process started early! For her graduation from college, I bought her a Graduation Barbie doll with a degree in her hand. Taking you back farther in time, do you remember those mobile contraptions that noisily identified your child’s location? Referred to as the Big Wheel, it was probably one of the greatest inventions ever! The annoying buzzing sounds would drive me crazy, but it would pin point the whereabouts of my driving son instantly! At five, my son with his little paddy feet could spin and maneuver his Big Wheel performing stunts like Evil Knievel with unbelievable precision. Motherhood has many treasured memories! Saturdays are great days to reminisce!
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