By Vernalee
unsholoh lihnthouse minisytriesThieves have no honor or respect. They not only steal from strangers; they will steal from each other and even you! Be on guard! Never think that a thief will be your ally. If a thief is your friend, he / she may “rob you blind.” You have to watch more than their hands! They will not only steal your possessions; they will steal and squander the deepest emotions of your heart, mind, and soul. They are not to be trusted whether they are in your presence or not. Thieves will “sell you out” – be they colleagues at work, home, church, or play. They look normal. Their chameleonic appearance is misleading; so get to know these yellow belly traitors. Keep your emotions close to your heart until doing so! You don’t want to be a victim of their thievery. You may never be able to reclaim what they stole, particularly if they take something personal that is near and dear … like your “heart!”
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