By Vernalee
Once the words are out, you can’t take them back! Someone should have told Satya Nadella that! Microsoft’s CEO Nadella’s comments indicating that women shouldn’t ask for pay raises was “the talk” yesterday! According to Nadella, karma is the key. To add insult to injury, he further stipulated that “The system will give you the right raise as you go along.” Perhaps, he had never heard of gender discrimination! College president, Microsoft board member, and interviewer Maria Klawe quickly disagreed with Nadella! Given the pay disparity that has historically existed between male and female employees ( which widens for women of color), what was Nadella’s thinking when he made that immature comment at a female dominated technology conference?
I can only say that although I love California, I am glad that I was attending an informative seminar in Columbus, Ohio instead! Before his insensitive comments blew up the air waves and social media sites yesterday, I didn’t know who Nadella’s was! I do now!
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