By Vernalee
Yesterday, I came across one of my son’s old childhood books. The book full with nursery rhymes was a favorite and my children loved to hear me read “This is the house that Jack built.” It wasn’t until years later that I realized that I was a talented rapper. Long before Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea got into the act, my harmonic sounds reading kid stories would probably make those starlets ask me for lessons. Seriously! I could read “This is the house that Jack built” with a rhythmic pattern that would make you want to jump up and shout. No kidding! I had an a-cappella beat with such a big blast sound that one would think that violins were in my background band. I could round out each poetic word as my children continually and jubilantly asked, “Read it again Mommy!” And I did to their delight! I am not bragging, but just reminiscing and experiencing some of those good old Motherly memories that never grow old. Good for the soul, they are!
P.S. Don’t get the nursery rhyme “The House that Jack built” confused with the recording by Aretha Franklin. Aretha was asking Jack to come on back; home, that is! Now…That is a topic for another blog! Hehe!
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