By Vernalee
My grandson just reached a milestone! He is now taller than his petite Mother! Size is intimidating. Isn’t it? When I saw them last week together, my mind wandered back twenty years or so. Grannies always reminisce. It’s an endearing, enjoyable reflection that refreshingly takes us back to our beloved younger days. I remember when my son became taller than me! As the old folks say in Mississippi, “he was feeling himself!” With my parental authority, I had to quickly “cut him down to size.” I told him, “There is only one grown person in this house and it ain’t you! And for the record, no matter how tall you get, you will forever look up to me!” It worked then and it works now! I suspect that my grandson’s Mother will say those identical words to her son as soon as he “tries” her! And he will! Our children always push us to the limits only to be cut down to size! When the general gives orders, the troops line up. We Mothers are generals; commanding generals at that! Attention!
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