By Vernalee
“Throwing good money after bad.” You know the phrase all too well. We throw good money after bad when we –
Waste good money after wasting it once; spend more money on something that has already failed; spend more and more money on something that will not be successful.
Often times, this spending defies logic; other times, we may feel like we are patching up something until we can do better. In the final analysis, the net results are the same. No good comes out of bad! Starting fresh as painful as it may be or as difficult as it is to start over may be the best solution. Sometimes it’s an oxymoron. Think about it? Amazingly people with money flowing out of their pockets always ask the person in need, “If money was not an object, what would you do?” Who sounds worst; the rich one asking or the poor one answering? Money is an object; it’s a major issue for those without. It’s why the “have-nots” are patching up the old car, because there is not available money in the coffers to buy a new one. Stop being so critical! Not all who have little are lazy. Some have become victims of circumstances; others need direction or a helping hand. Sorry, I didn’t hear you! Did someone offer suggestions on how a second chance could be provided? Did anyone help the person in need? If so, did you provide a one time fix or are you teaching them how to fish? Of course not, you did neither. It’s not your problem; it’s theirs! Are we hypocritical when we sit on the front row in church every Sunday, but “throw” our money everywhere but to help the unfortunate? There is an old saying that “Nothing is worse than watching money go down the drain” and/or “throwing good money after bad.” I disagree. Watching people suffer when we can help is worse. Altruism never goes out of style. The cycle will continue until all become engaged in the helping process. But what do I know! I am just a country girl from the small poverty stricken town of Glen Allan, Mississippi who was taught that giving is better than receiving!