By Vernalee
If procrastination is one of your problems, remember you need to stop putting off for tomorrow what you can do today! The clock doesn’t stop ticking. Seconds become minutes; minutes become hours; hours, days; days, weeks; weeks, months; months, years; years, decades …..
Before you realize it, so much time has elapsed without you accomplishing what you desired. You can never recapture time or hold on to it. You may wish that you had done something years ago, but you always had a legitimate excuse to not move forward. Simply stated, You never had time to do it! We have heard that one liner before. You can utilize time wisely or waste it abundantly. Which will it be? The answer rests with you and the decisions that you make regarding Old Father time! Tick tock! Stop waiting your energies waiting for the perfect time! The perfect time may never come around. Follow the Indian (Cherokee ) proverb: “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today!” Enjoy every moment of your life now! Tomorrow is not promised! Live, love, laugh!