By Vernalee
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To feel guilt suggests that one has a conscientious conscience. Everyone has a conscience of some magnitude.. I think. Do you feel guilt if you have wronged someone by saying or doing something negative or improper? A guilt ridden conscience makes you act. It makes you say you are sorry; it helps you apologize. Guilt can be very weighty. But if you have a hardened disposition, your reasoning will always be one of blame. It is or was not your fault. Never! If you are an “always blame the other person” type of individual, then there is no guilt to feel. You have an inflatable aura and a repellant conscience. It begs to ask…Have you ever been on a guilt trip? I have! It is not a comfortable ride. Guilt changes things; even us! Guilt may become a factor that will make us better individuals. When I feel guilt, I relieve the pressure. I act! I attempt to correct my missteps so that I can remove the emotional pain. I trust you do likewise.
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