By Vernalee
Too many cooks in the kitchen generally refers to too many people working on the same project with no central direction while achieving inferior results. They are busy cooking and dicing ingredients of some sort, but no one knows what the other is doing. Although the meal is prepared, it doesn’t taste the best or reflect superior quality. Let’s move this scenario to the office. When directions to perform tasks are coming from too many people, (many of which don’t know procedurally what to do), you usually end up with an organized mess! Many times the tasks at hand do not get accomplished or they are performed in a substandard fashion. Whether in the kitchen or at the office, the absence of leadership is a major stumbling block. Who’s in charge? Everybody, anybody, and nobody! Think about it! If there is a strong leader, it doesn’t matter how many people, cooks or otherwise, there are. A good leader gives clear cut and solid directions. A good leader trims the fat. He / she can “cook” up a storm and is not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are credible, respected, and their judgment is trusted. They walk the talk. People follow them instinctually in the kitchen, in the office, in life. If and when a meal is burnt, it is easy to blame the cook; but at the end of the day, it is the management (the leadership) that takes the hit. The buck stops there. Dreaded they are if they let the cooks spiral out of control. Mediocrity, at best is served.
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