By Vernalee
boom town roi
Too many cooks in the kitchen” is an idiom that lives up to its true meaning once you walk through the doors of the Company Of No Returns. Instead of electronic widgets being generated on their assembly line, they produce inefficiencies, confusion, chaos, and sadly a substandard product. Stephen Covey would have a field day there! Instead of his New York Times best seller, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” might the title be, “Seven Steps of Gross Negligence until the Company is destroyed?” Unfortunately, it is predicted by local business analysts that this company’s poor operational and management decisions will continue. Their fertilization for impending doom will spiral deep into the soil until the company is “worn into the ground.” Like a cliff hanger, everyone is sitting on the edge of their chairs watching and wondering what ingredients the cooks are stirring up for their inevitable Last Supper!
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