By Vernalee
From the videotaping of Rodney King’s beating by LA policemen on March 3, 1991 to the questionable death of Sandra Bland on July 13, 2015 (after being stopped by police officers three days prior), and other cases that have been in the news, traffic stops have produced considerable debates and controversies.
Unquestionably and statistically Blacks, particularly Black males are pulled over at alarming rates for traffic stops.
Therefore, it is imperative that we know our rights and what to do.
So if you are stopped by police officers while driving, according to public safety experts, these steps may be helpful.
1. Pull over as soon as the police car lights come on.
2. Provide your registration, license, and proof of insurance.
3. Keep your hands visible.
4. Exit the car only if asked.
5. Be polite and respectful.
6. Don’t argue with the police officers; argue in court.
7. If you are registered to carry a gun, tell the officer.
8. Your car can be searched for reasonable cause. You do not have to
9. Don’t lie to the police officers.
10. Passengers should remain quiet.
11. Put out cigarettes if smoking.
12. Turn off the radio.
Police Officers are guided by codes of conduct, even if they don’t follow them.
Their job is to protect the public.
We need their services and should respect authority.
Officers have a lot of discretion.
Knowing your rights is critical.
It may save your life!
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