By Vernalee
It’s hard to not recognize entrepreneurs. Our traits are shown in the steps that we take. Entreprenuers think and breathe opportunities. It is a never ending search – no matter how old we are. To us, nothing beats failure but a try! If you possess the following eight signs, entrepreurialism is perhaps in your blood.
1. Passion
2. Doesn’t take No for an answer
3. Competitive nature
4. Enneagram = #1 Personality Test Ranking. Entrepreneurs are The Reformer. They are principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionists.
5. Self Starter
6. Think Outside the Box
7. Unpredictable
8. Strong People Skills
How do you rank?
It’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice; it’s high risk, high reward (or the opposite). Entrepreneurs can be on top of the world or fall from grace in a jack flash minute – sometimes from decisions that may not be theirs. It’s their ability to bounce back; their willingness to stay in the game, and their desire to succeed that define them. Long hours and hard work characterize them. Luck and preparation are in the equation. The journey can be painful at times. Financial gain may not always commensurate with efforts and time. Realizing that “ability has nothing to do with opportunities,” true entrepreneurs continue their quest of excellence and accomplishments … working, praying, wishing, striving, and continuing until they achieve the best; until they tire out because of their refusal to be defeated. So…Why be an entrepreneur? Why subject yourself to possible hardships? The answer lies in the reward of the entrepreneur’s heart! For to true entrepreneurs, they will and must succeed because “Failure is not an option!”
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