By Vernalee
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What do you want? Do you want a person to be honest or shade the truth? When American Idol was at its height in popularity, the legendary Simon Cowell would provide the artists with an honest assessment of their talents. Cowell has a no-nonsense, often abrasive style when providing his editorials. People booed, but tuned in every week largely in part because of him. Though rude, without question, Simon is a successful music producer to countless stars. Regardless, no one raises their hands to be insulted, but honesty goes a long way. Hearing the truth – in a kind fashion – is priceless. It beats hearing untruths that ultimately prohibit your growth. Your deficiencies cannot be corrected if you are unaware of what they are. What you want to hear may be kinder on the ears, but a hindrance to self improvement. It is about the truth. It is not what Simon says; it is about you; it is about what you do to improve yourself.
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