By Vernalee
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According to Yahoo / Shopping, the ten most searched Valentine Day Gifts for women are:
1. Flowers (Long stem roses are glam…but a dozen of any will do);
2. Spa Gift Cards (A day of pampering will make any woman go Hmmm);
3. Weekend Getaways (Pick a fun location because we can share);
4. Chocolate ( Yummy…besides it is an aphrodisiac);
5. Concert Tickets ( Stevie Wonder is hot right now);
6. Tablets (The one with the adjustable kickstand is very practical. Don’t forget to purchase the built in WiFi);
7. Perfume (I just received a Flower Bomb fragrance set, but Gucci blends perfectly with my skin);
8. Jewelry ( Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend);
9. Gift Baskets ( Have it delivered so that I can show off);
10. Pajamas ( silky ones or the kind that I can wear outside like an outfit).
Showing love and affection is great everyday of the week. It is always the thought behind the gift! Since Valentine’s Day is gender neutral, I provided gift ideas for that special man as well. For men, according to, some of the gift recommendations are as follows:
Beard oil, Harry’s Shaving set, Home State Print, The David Foster Wallace Reader, Nixon Time piece, IPad / Laptop Case, Subscription to his favorite publication, Converse Chuck Taylors, Customized Flask, and An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails. There were 20 suggestions listed. I included ten to keep the slate equal. Admittedly, the male list doesn’t look as enticing as the gift ideas for females. Don’t look at me; I didn’t make the list! Maybe the conclusion is – We women should get more and be pampered more extravagantly! Just saying!