By Vernalee
“It’s due tomorrow! The project, that is! Of course, she knew the due date last week! She also knew that she couldn’t do it alone. Besides, her claim to fame is that she works best under pressure.” Raise your hand if you have heard those statements or have been a participant in someone else’s last minute plans? Sorry, take your hands down for I cannot see the sky. There are too many hands up! Procrastination, poor planning, a lack of consideration for others….what difference does it make when the net results are the same! When you can’t go it alone, why stress everyone else out? Why run the risk of a poor product delivery or a missed sale? Folks don’t like others’ transference of stress. It is not a equal reciprocation of power, because the subordinate cannot do to the boss what he / she can do to them! The equalization however occurs when things go wrong! It is at that point that you share the blame. “We missed the deadline.” You silently whispered, “Sure, we did, but it was because of you boss!” A timely quality product couldn’t be delivered because of your boss’ last minute inefficiencies. Will there be a next time? Maybe; maybe not! Who knows! Let it be the boss’ worry and problem!
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