By Vernalee
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An associate recently reviewed the path of his successful career. It occurred to him that his recent entrepreneurial experience had him freehandedly “walking a tightrope without a net.” Strangely, he did not realize that his journey was net-less as he was so entrenched in the company’s everyday operation that he had not taken the time to look down. Fear he didn’t have! Sometimes, what you don’t see or know will not necessarily hurt you when the negative consequences are not visibly before your eyes. However, once the wool was pulled away, the dangers became conspicuously obvious. Now, the negative realities unfortunately stared him directly in his face. Then, the realization of not having a safety net was akin to being in the middle of the lake with no paddle! To survive, refocusing was necessary so that the bad circumstances didn’t defeat him. He had to reset the precautionary warning signals that implied trust insisted that he remove. Equipped with armors of courage, strength, resources, and knowledge, he is now prepared to walk into greener pastures with keener vision, balance and wisdom. For certain, as embodied in William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus”, he, as you and I, are “the masters of our fate; the captains of our souls.”
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