By Vernalee
imageWatching someone like a hawk is to watch very carefully, especially because you expect them to do something wrong. Why are some folks so devious? They are always up to something! Oh my, can they negatively plot and get away appealingly scott free! Or do they? There’s another expression that “everyone bears watching.” Though such may be the case, the extent to which we watch is crucial. Hold up a minute. Let me adjust my pupils. I can even see you out of the corner of my eye!
Exerting too much energy toward others may minimize your effectiveness toward maximizing your outcome and potential. While your eyes are on them, whose eyes are on you? I wonder. Don’t be fooled. Don’t underestimate others and what they are doing. The surveillance game does not belong to you exclusively. Watch this! While your hawk eyes are on them, their eagle eyes may be scoping you out. They are always on the hunt and have become masters of the game. Be careful! The eagle’s speed and wing span is greater. Their keen eyesight is crisp and sharp. They can pick up your recognizance out of a lineup a mile away.
A balanced view and perspective will assist you in not developing an over concentration on others while sidestepping your matters. It is easy to slip, lose focus and regretfully fall. If you do, you may end up flying in the wrong direction or barking up the wrong tree. Take your mind off them. Your energies will follow. Keep your eyes on the prize – your prize! Then you can walk away with your decorated trophy for a job well done!
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