By Vernalee

My daughter has always had more male than female friends. She always sensed a greater compassion along with a relaxation and comfortableness in talking with the opposite sex.

Men as friends are indeed valuable. They bring a different perspective. They can be gems. Conversing with them to obtain a better understanding about your man or to acquire clarity on relationship issues can be a value-added benefit. Naturally so, they know men because they are men!

Why is it that the men in our lives don’t want us to have male friends? They frown upon and strongly discourage our male friendships. Many zealously resent that very thought. There is no logical rationale to this premise because they see no danger in their having female friends.

They voice reservations and objections on empirical data at best to reach the following unscientific conclusions:
Most romantic relationships start with friendships;
Men only want one thing namely – to get into your pants (i.e. sex);
They (the men) only want to be your friend to be nosy and acquire information about your man. Rest assured that the average man wants no one in his business;
Male friends can successfully inch themselves in your life because of their familiarity with you and your circumstances. You can be easily taken advantaged of or become susceptible prey.

Hmmm! Is he listening to what he is saying? Does it not work both ways? In reverse order, should you be wreaking the same havoc in your mind about him and his female friends? I consider it similitude at its finest. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Food for thought! Is he committing the same infractions with his female friends that he thinks you are allegedly doing with your male friends? If he can intelligently explain the difference between his female friends and your male friends, it stands to reason that you can acquiescence.

Years ago, it was once said to me by my guy, “Baby girl, it isn’t you that I don’t trust. I don’t trust men!” Wow, “It takes one to know one!” As brilliant as I can sometimes be, I never quite understood that statement. It sounded reasonable, but it was an oxymoron. Either he trusts me or he doesn’t. Why was he attempting to penalize me for the figments of his imagination? As there was no credence to his speculation, that was his burden to bear; not mine.

Thus, there are men that can be genuine friends with no ulterior motives.
I know because I have several. And, check this out!
I am not giving them up!

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