By Vernalee

I didn’t have to be told that I primarily wore black, gray, navy, and burgundy; with black being the predominant color. Conservative colors for a conservative woman! Black is very slenderizing and that was my goal… exactly. I wanted to look at least 10 pounds smaller.

My styles of choice were selections that covered up what I didn’t want to see. It stands to reason that I did not want others to see what I did not want to view myself. I was a cover girl. I’m sorry. I misspoke; a cover-up girl more accurately described my wardrobe choices. If I found a flattering style, I purchased tons of the same selections. I can wear something out easily. There…you have it!

My fashionista daughter said, “Mommy, wear more vibrant colors.” When that line grew old, she garnished it up with flair by saying, “Embrace your body, and accentuate your curves.” Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to do that. I was a cover-up expert. I covered up bulges, weight gain, and unsightly body configurations. Remember? Wardrobe accentuation was not my strong suit.

I occasionally asked my fashion less conscious son. I heard the expected diplomatic response. “Mommy you look great; in fact – stunning.” Did I expect anything different? Of course, he is always brutally honest!

Admittedly, it’s hard to break habits. I needed help. Getting in shape was a priority. What a novel idea! Thank you Jennifer Hudson and my precious children for helping me to think! On the bright side, I am eating better, exercising more; I am enhancing my wardrobe slowly, but surely. I am wearing lively colors even if it is a splash with scarves and accessories. I am getting there! Just call me work in progress. Hopefully, I will make noticeable improvements toward becoming a better and svelte image. We will “weight and see!”

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