By Vernalee

I confess! I had promised myself that I would never step a foot in the designated fat lady stores. To appease my conscientious thinking so as not to have a defeatist attitude, I didn’t want to concede to failed attempt of weight loss. Recently, I was exhausted, had little time to shop, and needed a new suit for a special event the next day. As I was going out of town, I did not want to stress myself out looking in another city. So, I broke down and went to Lane Bryant. Much to my chagrin, they had a vast assortment of attractive styles. They also had a tremendous sale. I purchased a stunning blazer, jacket and skirt set. The pants were even extra-long. Groovy! There’s more; keep reading. The skirt and top were on the clearance rack and were 50% off. I will be going back because I was given 25% off coupons.

By now, I suppose that you have figured out that I am not a size 2. Great guess! Thus, this is how I rationalized my purchases from the fat lady store. First of all, everyone over size 12 is considered full figured. Secondly, I must look good no matter what size I am. Please know that I am comfortable in my skin and with my appearance. Of course, I want to lose weight but in the interim, I plan to look my very best. Regardless of where I shop, I am determined to become healthier, slender, and as attractive as nature and my energies permit. I make the clothes; the clothes don’t make me; but they can certainly enhance and glamorize my appearance.

To ease the curious minds, I received a number of compliments when I wore my new garbs; no one knew or cared where I shopped. How vain of me to think otherwise! I showed up and Lane Bryant (the store for full figured; not fat ladies) helped me to show out!

When I effervescently walked in the reception wearing my new purchased outfit, some guy shouted, “Gone girl; you’re looking good!” That was all it took; need I say more!

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