By Vernalee - weight loss

Got dunnit! The scale is not moving; I have lost inches though. Thank goodness for that! I have stop eating bread, potatoes, rice, desserts and all of that fattening stuff. “If we are what we eat,” I would be as thin as a rail. There must be something else! Something is out of sorts. I think they call it metabolism. The two M’s – menopause and metabolism – what a dietary nightmare! Those two words, when combined slow down everything. It doesn’t help that I am a “lazy boy chair potato” either.

Alright, my daughter is fussing at me to be more active. My son diplomatically suggested that I drive across town to use his exercise facility. They earned the right to tell me that I need help. “It’s not about your looks Mommy; it’s about your health,” echoes my sweet baby girl. I have tried to be like her. When I am visiting her home, I reasoned, “I’ll eat what she eats, when she eats.” If it works for her, it will work for me. Wrong! I love just looking at her slimness. She is a suave size 2 or 4. When you are her size, does it matter! Sizes 0, 2, 4 – just give me a number.
Since my beloved only eats when she is hungry, (which is what we all should do), I did follow her routine. Short of starvation, I would drop a few pounds during my ATL and NYC stays. “We will do this together Mommy.” I love her words of encouragement. Trust me; they are very motivating and inspirational. I only need to look at her slimness and see what the results would be!

This time, I am on it. I get the message! I am going to go up to my daughter’s and son’s alma mater high school track and walk around it 4 times. I know that four revolutions equal one mile. The weather is warm now. I can definitely do it. Stay on me kids; I need your help; I need you to push me! I promise I will do it as soon as I let the recliner on my chair down!

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