By Vernalee
Did you receive the memo? What memo? The one that said that when you arrive to the worksite that you should work! By definition, work is performing the duties assigned to you. Stirring up mess is work too; lots of work at that! When you stir up mess, you have to be creatively messy. Creating anxieties and getting co- workers angry enough to engage in verbal combat is optimal when you are a “mess starter.” Hush up! Physical warfare is not an ideal scenario. Get into a fight and you are toast. Another one bites the dust of termination as the culprit messily moves to the next victim. She is a freelancer because she freely slides from office to the next creating confusion. Oh, did I stipulate that she is talked about as much as she talks about others? She is such a skillful troublemaker that never gets caught in the act. Her escape artistry could rival Harry Houdini! Now, back to the memo! She read it before anyone…..because she wrote it! Are you serious? You see – her real “professional” job is Director of Operations! Her operational efficiency exempts her from the troubles she creates! As is always the case, one day she will not be able to clean up the mess she made! Then someone else will have the pleasure of having the broom …. and in the dust pan she goes! Swish!
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