By Vernalee
The magic question being asked today is “What did you get for Christmas?”
Now that the gifts have been opened, the families have been together as a team once again, the Christmas dinners have been served, and toys were scattered all over the place, we retired and woke up to a brand new day. Let’s see what happened yesterday! I share with you my partial critically acclaimed “some” list! Some folks received the perfect gifts; some received what they wanted; some received nothing; some were remembered; some were left out; some spent a lot of money to receive a cheap gift in return. Some budgeted and spent within their means; some overspent; some may not have had the money to spend; some will be in debt throughout 2015 for the gifts that they bought this year. Some folks were happy; some sad; some lonely; some glad; some upset about their gift; some are experiencing anxiety and depression right now. Some did charitable work to help others; some spent the day thinking about themselves. Some wondered why they got what they did; some are in the store standing in line to return their gifts and get something else. At this very moment, some are preparing for next Christmas. As our memories fade in the sunset, lest not forget that the wise men brought gifts from afar to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, King Jesus. Some of us took that gift giving practice that we – over do / under do / don’t do / or perfectly do – to satisfy others and ourselves. Wherever we fall within that spectrum of tradition, year after year, one thing will remain the same – Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Some or shall I say all of us should never forget that very fact!
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