By Vernalee
change the
It is amazing how a simple pronoun tells what is going on in a relationship! Which pronoun will it be – I, us, we, or me? Perhaps, the better questions is what pronoun does your mate use? Which pronoun describes your and his interactions? Does he say we, but his actions are more synonymous with me? Do you consider him in all of your actions while he considers only himself? We and me are two different words with two different meanings. Maybe, you and your “yours truly”are moving in two different directions. Perhaps, it’s time to get off on the next exit! Single minded thinking doesn’t successfully work in relationships because togetherness is plural. Why make it complex when the math is simple? 1+1= 2. 1+0= 1. When you are committed to each other, you consider the other person; they are in the plan. Singleminded people only think of themselves so they should be by themselves! Maybe, the time has come to say a noun, Adios!
Photo credit: www.changethe