By Vernalee
techniques pourles time
1. The bank teller gave you substantially too much money back.
2. You saw your friend’s husband cheating.
3. You saw someone stealing in a department store.
4. You left the store and discovered the clerk inadvertently didn’t ring up a pricey item that was in your cart.
5. You saw your married boss out on a date with a fellow employee.
For these and other similarly situated matters, what would you do? Would you spread the news down the gossip mill; make a financial deal to keep your mouth closed; angrily or diplomatically confront the wrongdoer; pray for the abuser and the abused; report it; turn your head; or simply mind your business? There are no boiler plate answers in situations whereby you could idly do nothing or inquisitively stick your nose into matters that are clearly none of your business? Here’s to hoping that your conscience, home training, and spiritual foundation will guide you to do the right thing!
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