By Vernalee
Cheaters - photobucket

If you saw your girlfriend’s husband or boyfriend in an unquestionable cheating predicament, what would you do?

Would you tell her; keep your mouth closed; spread the news of the sighting by telling others; confront her hubby / boyfriend to verify the circumstances before spilling the beans; put the cheater on notice with a warning; post on Facebook; take verifying photographs with your cell phone; call your girlfriend immediately so that she can see the damaging scene for herself? Nothing beats being caught with your hands in the cookie jar! It’s even better than a surveillance camera! Simply put, will you meddle and tell or refrain and be silent? Will your informational release be now, later, or never? If you elect to be silent, are you participating in the process as a contributory negligent bystander?

It is a slippery slope because the revelation of the information can be just as hurting and damaging as the maintenance thereof. You can become a home wrecker or a unifier providing a wakeup call which may stimulate the couple to get it together before it falls apart!

Question: If your mate was cheating, what would you expect your friend to do if she witnessed same? I know what I would do. Do you?

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