By Vernalee
Ecclesiastics 1:19 – What has been will be again, what has been done, will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
The sun is as predictable as is the order of the universe and life. The sun rises in the East; sets in the West. Its brilliance heats the earth and provides light. It even helps us to travel as it provides reliable directions; except for me of course, because I am so directionally challenged! It is astounding how everything comes, goes, and returns. Fashion styles reappear as is the case with other idiosyncrasies. I am finding that many of my interests, quirks, and behaviors were once those of my then silly adolescent children. Perhaps, I am regressing in age and of course, that would be fabulous if such was the case! Anyway, what I find thought-provoking is that presently, I want a reuniting for my parents who were disjointed over 60 years ago, but who have been regularly in the company of each other. If my children read this post, this catchphrase probably sounds like one of theirs of old! God created the family that we as humans decided to disassemble. Yet, somehow our spirituals inclinations regress to God’s original plan; to the family’s foundation of unity, love, and happiness that the Heavenly Father designed for us to enjoy. Thus, twenty five years hence, I want for my Mother what my children wanted for me. The predictable sun still radiantly shines on all of us, the young and the old. Praise God for his wisdom ….that sometimes we are too naïve to understand!
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