By Vernalee
Positive customer service and assistance!

Good customer service is worth the money that you spend!  I have had enough with people being mean to me when I spend my money. Have you? Some are not pleasant.   In fact, some can be downright rude! They snap at you like a barking dog. “Wolf, wolf!” Gee whiz … Please do not disturb their work day by asking a question or asking for assistance! A sales clerk recently told me, “Sorry, I’m about to take my break. Get somebody else to help you!” Those were her actual words; I kid you not! So I have made an executive decision. If discourteous conduct is shown to me again, I will shop elsewhere! I deserve better treatment for my patronage. I will patronize establishments that appreciate my business; where the sales associates speak, assist, and greet me with kindness.  Bad attitudes should be left at home. I leave mine; don’t you? I cannot provide the clerks with customer service etiquette, but I can decide where I spend my dollars!
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