By Vernalee
Alexander Graham Bell said, “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
Opportunities come and go.
Contrary to popular opinion, they do come around more than once.
It should be our goal to take advantage of all of them, rather than waiting on another one to appear.
When we cannot cash in on an opportunity, particularly a desirable one, frustrations and disappointments can easily fill our space. Sometimes the lack of accomplishing an opportunity can dampen our spirits.
As tough as it may be – stay determined and keep going.
Look forward, not backwards!
There is no time to be in the “dumps.”
There are opened and closed doors for a reason or reasons. Sometimes your entry or exit may be counted as blessings instead of regrets.
Here’s why:
1. Some doors were meant to close…so that you can go in a new direction.
You may have to do the following.
2. Nail some doors shut if you have to. Let go!
3. Stop looking at the closed door so that your eyes will see the new one open.
4. Expect more closed doors to follow. Sometimes more than one need to close for you to find the right one.
5. Remove fear. Don’t be scared of the open door. They may signal opportunities. Go for it!
6. Kick down a door that you really want opened. Make your own path.
7. Control your emotions. Don’t get upset when your closed door opens for someone else. That door was meant for them, not you.
As it relates to closed door, old folks in their infinite spiritual insight would say, “God has another plan for you. Go where he leads you. He may want you to be somewhere else.”
Keep in mind that closed doors are similar to roadblocks deterring you from the wrong path so that you get on the right one.
Be prepared so that when the right door swings opens, you will be ready to maximize the opportunities as you capably walk in and capture the splendor!
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