By Vernalee
Opportunities come and go. Contrary to opinion, they do come around more than once; however, we don’t want to be careless when a phenomenal opportunity is staring us in the face. Waiting on another opportunity to appear should never be our path. Taking advantage of every single opportunity should be our focal point. When we cannot cash in on an opportunity, particularly a desirable one, frustrations and disappointments can easily fill our space. Sometimes the lack of accomplishing an opportunity can overshadow our true capabilities. Been there; done that! As tough as it may be, put on a happy face, stay determined, and keep going. There is no time to be in the “dumps.” That posture is wasted time and energies. Don’t be sad, be prepared! Another opportunity will come your way. Stay upbeat so that when the next door swings opens, you will be ready to maximize the opportunities as you walk in and capture their splendor! Out with the old; in with the new!
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