By Vernalee
topicstock.pantip.comHave you ever been tempted to buy a beauty enhancing product that will wash away years and restore a youthful appearance? Alright, let’s be honest! There is no reason to deny it! Many of us, men and women alike, seek the fountain of youth. Women use concealers to hide the age signs and men graciously apply Grecian formula to tame their gray hairs. On Good Morning America, there was a recent segment for those desiring a younger look. The feature was – Lose 10 years in 60 minutes! Wow! Really! I’m in! The feature profiled a lady who was 45 but looked dramatically older. Believe me; no woman wants to look older than her age! That’s criminal! The goal is and has always been to look younger. The challenge was to give this lady a complete makeover. Afterwards, she walked out looking refreshed and considerably younger! But that was television! What about us; the real life prototypes? As for me, without reservation or embarrassment, please know that if any beauty specialist in Internet land can cosmetically and non-surgically wipe off twenty years, I am up for grabs! Just contact me or better yet, I’ll reach out to you! I suspect that many of my shy, confidential comrades may likewise secretly jump on the bandwagon! Who cares what folks say? By the time we hear their comments; we will look and feel at least ten years younger! Hello!
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