By Vernalee
quickmemeShe is so embarrassed! Everybody is talking about it! She is scratching her head trying to figure out her classified secret got out. Did her confidante reveal it? Was it her sister, cousin, childhood friend, best friend forever (BFF), running buddy, or the pastor’s wife?
Perhaps, she will never know! What she does know is that her secret – that all her friends vowed and swore on the Holy Bible as they “crossed their hearts and hope to die” that they wouldn’t never, ever tell – have told. So the secret that she didn’t want known is spreading like wild fire. Lesson learned! The next time she will know that once information is departed from your lips, it is no longer confidential! Her secret has been put on blast and all of her sources lied! When you tell on yourself to blabber mouths, it’s too late to ask, “Can you keep a secret?” Now, she is dealing with two sources of excruciating pain: a betrayal alongside a revelation of confidential info – with no clue as to which hurts the most!
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