By Vernalee
I am often flabbergasted at the lack of manners that I see – or should I say fail to see. Commonly, the hesitancy and failure of people to merely speak and hospitably greet another is inexcusable! Whatever happened to acts of gratitude, kindness and displays of common decency and respect?
Etiquette experts have long identified the five magic words of decorum. The words – Please, thank you, I’m sorry, you’re welcome, and excuse me – though simplistic, easy to spell and pronounce – are taken for granted and not judiciously used. To some, these words have become extinct, like dinosaurs. Without question, many of us have definitely fallen off the wagon when it comes to acceptable social behavior. Chivalry and etiquette are not dead however the demonstrations of their uses are. Teach, learn and do! The child that doesn’t know how to act and has bad manners grows up to become the ill-mannered adult. If not trained, nothing changes but his / her age. How you act, shows – every hour of the day!

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