By Vernalee
“What’s up doc?” Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy are much too sophisticated for some job sites.
Recently, a friend related the “happenings” that occurred at her place of employment.
She indicated that there are two workers who characteristically resemble Wile E. the Coyote and Sam the Sheepdog. OMG!
I remember those two characters.
They were my son’s favorite next to Road Runner!
Wile E. and Sam both punched in together, acted hospitable, and then they would “go at” each other all day!
Sounds familiar!
I am not sure if they were really friends. What I do remember is that they skillfully maneuvered those combative gestures swinging at each other all in the name of a day’s work.
You have seen those types of people; right?
Strangely, Wile E. the Coyote, the speedy one chased Sam’s sheep all day, but the burly slow moving Sam the Sheepdog managed to defeat his attacks with minimal efforts.
Sometimes, the energetic purportedly smart ones are not the victorious ones.
What an invigorating thought!
Interesting … Wile E. and Sam smiled at each other and made grandstanding overtures every morning as if they were bosom buddies.
So much for hypocrisy, but I think you know all about that!
Thus, I need not tell you about the back stabbers.
Remember what they say about them … “They smile in your face … all the time they are trying to take your place.”
Let’s deviate a moment from Wile E. the Coyote and Sam the Sheepdog.
Just watch your back tomorrow and the day after!
You never know who will be standing by the water cooler or the time clock waiting to rip you apart!
No brags; just facts!
As the road runner says, “Beep, beep!”
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