By Vernalee
Years ago, I attended a seminar and a demonstration left an indelible memory. It involved a person falling back with another individual catching her. Brilliant! Can it happen? That illustration became my model for what I felt people should want in a relationship, namely someone to catch them before a fall. That is a simple request to ask, but a huge compliance responsibility for the chosen partner to grant! The catcher has to be 100% committed; 100% dedicated. He is your safety net. Your reliance on him has to be met with his reliability, commitment, and performance. Don’t assume that because you have his back, he has yours! It has to be a heart felt and mutual covenant between the two of you. You have to really, really trust that individual; blind trust at that! Will his presence, heart, mind, and hands be there? Do you confidently believe and feel that the chosen person has your back? Otherwise, if something goes wrong, the ground will be your new home. Peeling yourself up off the concrete is not an easy task. Besides the fall hurts! Ouch! It is more than physical bruising, it is an emotional scarring that stings; a fracture that may depending on circumstances last a lifetime! Know for certain to the best of your comprehension who has your back! It is no guessing game; the repercussions of error are too great!
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