dream boat - en.wikipedia.orgLike a turbulent windstorm that can blow you away; like an aromatic perfume whose fragrance leaves you feeling romantic; so is the man who can “control a room” with the essence of his very being. You know exactly what I am talking about! Although, you perhaps may not have met the guy to whom I reference, I am positive that you know someone who fits that description. This hunk is captivatingly debonair; the man whose business suit majestically covers his body and enticing grabs your and every woman’s attention. For sure, he wears it well. Since I am rattling and garbling, please allow me to continue. His handsomeness is beyond description; his intellect is encyclopedic wise. He can regurgitate an answer quicker than your fingers can goggle the term. Does he have a computer chip in his head?

Man oh man, this “cat” has enticing swagger that governs his every move. The pupils of your eyes flash with his graceful steps. Forget about concentration! How can you possibly be alert when you are in a trance under his spell? He might be a magician too. The list continues… I hear that he is extremely spiritual with an intense knowledge of the Bible. Nothing beats a religious man! His articulation is also incredibly smooth as he rounds out each word with such vocabulary depth that he sounds like he is reciting Webster’s dictionary. If only he knew that you didn’t hear a word he said because you were so caught up in his rapture. Speaking of being mesmerized! His arrogance is befitting, but not over the edge where he is puffy.
Oh yes, his charisma is “all that and a bag of chips.” His sexy body hopefully is a precursor to his sexual prowess. What a man! He walks, talks, and behaves like a prototype worthy of seducing. He is a natural and does not flaunt his attributes.

Alright, I know that I am a writer and can create a paper man with words graphically etching across your computer screen. But he is not a figment of my imagination, he is real. I didn’t make him up. He is a corporate executive who is new to the city; relocating from a neighboring state.
He is in hot demand. All eyes are on him. “To boot,” I understand that is money is long. Rumor has it that he frequently buys rounds of drinks in a top notched establishment that has a table held exclusively for him.

These are his external renderings that characterize him with top rated “bells and whistles.” If you are wondering if he really walks on thin air, his personality and character will either raise him above or lower him beneath the clouds. As beauty is only skin deep, I wonder if his insides match his external being. We all know that “you cannot judge a book by its cover.” It is what’s inside that counts; that never goes away. His character will determine his consciousness. His respect, gentleness, spirit, attitude, personality, and kindness will determine how he treats his woman. If he is “all that,” every king has a queen who sits on the throne next to him. His queen will be sitting there with her diamond and ruby tiara and crown jewels. Now, “that’s what I’m talking about!”

Like a colorful butterfly that comes out of its cocoon, the internal working of a man is the real man; his true epitome of manhood. Without a doubt, his eventual presence will be revealed whether it is in royal fashion or not.

Time always tell. Getting to know him will exhibit if his internal self-worth matches his exceptional external being. As my girls and I always say, “Everything that looks good ain’t always yummy, even if he is as fine as wine!” I truly hope that he meets the expectations for the woman of the hour. If not, he should bite the dust! Why would a woman waste valuable time with someone (although he is a glamorous specimen) who doesn’t satisfy her groove and basic essentials? Men have no hesitations in moving on when we women flunk their test. There should be nothing wrong with us women emulating them? Right?

Photo Reprint: www.enwikipedia.org