By Vernalee
Who is on your support team? Who will pick you up if you fall? First, let. me preface that no man is an island! You may not need anyone right now, but sooner or later you will! I promise!
Winning teams put their best players in their starting lineups. So should you! Imitate! Don’t wait until the last minute to identify and gather those life players who have the ability and sincerity to give you solid advice; wisdom in decision making; charge your battery when you are down; push you to be your best; encourage, motivate, and challenge you; pick you up and carry you if you fall; be your friend. Having someone that you can talk to, pour your heart out to, be your confidante, and listen non-judgmentally, but helpfully is a huge blessing, particularly in light of the fact that their numbers are few. My Mother always said, “If you live long enough, you will need somebody to bring you a glass of water.” How true! For the privileged ones who are sitting on truck loads of money and assets, please know that there are so many things that money can’t buy! Genuine love, caring, concern, compassion … are among them. Knowing that you have someone on your team who will make the winning shot (you cannot score every time you shoot) is comforting! It can be just what the doctor ordered! Touchdown, homerun, goal, winning shot, crossing the finish line … Score, play, and live to win!
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