By Vernalee
ladies who launch
This week at a seminar, I had the distinct pleasure to hear Lisa Price, founder of the successful “Carol’s Daughter” share her incredible story and wisdom . I left the luncheon feeling inspired on so many levels. So many of her thoughts stayed with me; one was “You can’t do it all; all the time, very well!” However, the quote that continually resonated was Lisa’s reflection upon the “person who can talk you down from the ledge.” Don’t turn your head and look the other way! We all have been standing there! That person for Lisa was her Mother; her strength. Gone today is her Mother. But “Carol’s Daughter” lives on! I think that every jar of her incredible beauty products contains the intangible ingredients that Lisa’s Mother – Carol gave her! Lisa, I too am similar to you! One of the sources of my strength is my Mother! It is for this reason that I dedicate this blog to my Mother, Mrs. Phoebe who is still with me … almost 90 and holding! Every article, blog post, book, and word that I write has a “little bit of Mrs. Phoebe” blended into the manuscript. I thank you Momma for being my cheerleader, my inspiration, my confidante, my go to person, and the love of my life! The same arms that held me as a baby hold me now!
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