By Vernalee
Quaaludes, a word that I wasn’t familiar with is now known by all as the prescription drug that comedian Bill Cosby admitted in a deposition as purchasing to give to women that he wanted to have sex with afterwards. What a premeditated shame! Twenty five women have been disgraced to satisfy Bill’s sexual perversions. Bill Cosby, the actor who could make you laugh about anything, anywhere, anytime! Bill Cosby, a man who philanthropically helped significant causes particularly historically Black colleges. Bill Cosby, of the Fat Albert, The Cosby Show fame; a PhD, a family man, a husband, a father, a millionaire … now the joke is on you! Sadly, you have tainted your reputation and legacy. I remember my son proudly saying that he had watched every Cosby episode. You were present in our homes as if we knew you. We magically removed you from the television sets and made you a family friend deserving emulation. We are hurt! Unfortunately Bill, you will not be remembered as the comedic legend with relatable comedy. You will be remembered as a man who used quaaludes to get what you wanted through victimization. You will be remembered as the drug man!
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