By Vernalee
I am about to reveal a fact that some folks have forgotten about themselves! Drumroll please! – You make mistakes! You are not perfect! – Once that fact is truly acknowledged, what will you do the next time you misstep? There is a fallacy that the first to come forward, apologize or say, “I’m sorry” loses their position of dominance and is classified as the weakest. Quite the contrary … Being the first doesn’t demonstrate weakness, it expresses strength, courage and recognition of the issue. It also lifts the weight of the issue off your back and conscience. Wow, I feel lighter already; don’t you? Stop worrying about who comes forth first. Concern yourself with being the “bigger” person who does the right thing! You can be the bravest, the strongest, and the happiest – if you apologize, forgive, and forget. Don’t just take my word! Try it! You’ll be the first to see it!
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